Kid's Dental Services in Lethbridge

At Ivory Dental in West Lethbridge, we are a children's dentist providing dental services focused towards your little ones to help create healthy dental habits in their early years.

Importance of Regular Cleanings & Checkups

Regular professional cleanings and examinations are essential as children grow and develop.

Positive dental experiences begin in childhood. Your child’s first dental visit is an exciting time in their development.

Many parents worry about how their child will react the first time they visit the dentist. To prepare your child, talk to them about visiting the dentist and get some books about teeth or dentists and use story time to get them ready for their first visit.

Usually, a professional dental cleaning, fluoride therapy and any necessary x-rays can also be completed during this visit; however, these can also wait until a subsequent visit if your child is feeling apprehensive.

Children's Dental Services Include:

  • Caries Control. Caries (cavity) control and dental hygiene are often a focus for our younger patients. 
  • Thumb Sucking Treatment. We'll help your children curb problematic thumb-sucking habits. 
  • Space Maintainers. Space maintainers are used when a baby tooth has been removed or has fallen out prematurely. 
  • Dental Sealants. Dental sealants help protect children's permanent teeth from developing cavities. 

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